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Aged Care Resident Support

CLS understands the time that can be taken by clinical staff to satisfactorily deal with residents’ personal issues. These issues cause a significant drain on the time and resources of aged care facilities. This lost time then becomes problematic to organisations in effectively providing a cost effective and efficient clinical management service. Lost time adds to staff pressure, compounds other issues and eventually results in increased staff down time and organisational risk. In response to this need CLS has developed its Resident and Family Support Service (RFSS). RFSS currently operates in a variety of formats in aged care facilities across the state.
RFSS offers a variety of benefits to residential clients including; counselling, empathy, professional support for emotional issues such as grief and loss, adjustment, failing health and end-of-life.
CLS recognises the significant upheaval and difficulties associated with a loved one going into extended care. CLS can provide family support in many ways including dealing with dementia, accepting change, grief and relationship counselling and ongoing bereavement support,


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